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The author, Earl F. Wilkins was born and raised in Verdun, Quebec, and has travelled extensively throughout the world. He has lived in Belgium and Germany and several parts of Canada while serving with the Royal Canadian Air force. Earl previously published a family history entitled Looking Back. Throughout the years, he has contributed numerous articles about travelling and sports activities to Canadian newspapers and magazines. He and his wife, Olive now reside in Sherwood Park, Alberta. They have four children, thirteen grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.


The book, Do You Want to Be Magic, is part of our family heritage, as it is roughly based upon a tall tale that I often recited to my grandchildren when they were young and innocent. I would show them a series of magic tricks and for the most part, I was able to convince them that I had magical powers. “Grandpa, how did you become magic?” one of the grandchildren would eventually ask. And, that was the question I was waiting for, as it gave me the opportunity to launch into scary scenarios. I would then ask my grandchildren if one of them wanted to be magic. Invariably, one of the brave ones would step forward and say, “Yes, I want to be magic.” I would then sit them on a stool, cover them, from head to toe with a blanket and start to say the magic words which would send them to the Giant’s Castle. Before I could finish reciting the magic words, the grandchild would become so frightened that he/she would panic and jump off the stool, and run to the safety of their mother’s arms. This little scenario was repeated many, many times throughout the years. And, I am sorry to say that not one of my grandchildren was brave enough to take a chance and go to the Giant’s Castle. To read a PRESS RELEASE for his book, click the link below.

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