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Trevor Tucker retired in 2005 from the oil and gas industry and although his first interest in writing was from a technical perspective, it soon evolved to ‘faction’. The author adds: ‘Though having been bitten by the writing bug, I sometimes wonder if I have retired.’ A chance meeting with a man who saved his life, soon revealed a history that needed to be rewritten; Trevor took it as his responsibility to share a story related to his father. Trevor’s other interests include spending time with his kids and grandkids, writing, fishing, reading, bike riding, Test cricket, AFL football, and power flow yoga. Future works include another novel of Australian history and an anecdotal short story collection.


Ned Kelly’s Son is the author’s first novel and his interests in Australian history, bushwalking, and exploring his homeland, reflect with passion throughout the book. With believable characters and a reliance on recorded history, he implants a strong probability of something neglected or overlooked in previous records about Australia’s most notorious bushranger, Ned Kelly.

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