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Earlier in her career life she taught in elementary schools for a number of years; later teaching ESL in different locations in Edmonton. Working with immigrants gave her a love for other cultures, and she brings this warmth into her overseas commitments. She remains in contact with a number of people, both across Canada and internationally, with whom she had built relationships while working with elections. Teske, 77, was born and raised on a farm near Holden, Alberta. She is a grandmother of four, and along with her retired husband, Roy, enjoys life on an acreage near Sherwood Park. Their two daughters are married and live with their families in the Sherwood Park area.


New democracies are continually being established around the globe. Free and fair elections are an important component of good governance and democratic development and are critical to the stability of any nation. Election Consultant Gladys Teske has managed five Canadian federal elections as Returning Officer in the prior constituency of Pembina, and has assisted with one provincial election in Alberta. She has worked internationally with elections in Namibia, South Africa, The Gambia, Yemen, Indonesia, Lebanon, the Palestinian Territories, and the Ukraine. Her passion is to see others gain the rights and freedoms enjoyed here in Canada, and that passion goes with her on these international missions. She feels strongly that we as Canadians realize how much we have to offer others, while understanding our neighbours’ lack of basic freedoms in so many countries around the world.

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