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Jena Page loves tiger ice cream, chocolate truffles, and her cat, Sammy Davis Junior. Jena’s favourite life moments include playing the piano in concert at the Edmonton Jubilee Auditorium when she was 11, sneaking into her family bathroom to read her Nancy Drew novels after lights out, and travelling to Europe where she loved eating cheese pizza in Venice, Italy when she was 10. When she’s not creating new characters, fictitious cities, and memorable plots, she spends time specializing as a family therapist (MACP). Before this, she worked in youth’s recreational and social programs for educational facilities and charities; then worked for private businesses. She holds an MA in education (MAIS) and a BA in psychology. Jena is also a two-diploma graduate of The Institute of Children’s Literature that she credits teaching her the art of plotting and toning down her overly active imagination. Other fun facts: Jena has a great large extended family and is known for using their names in her stories. You may know her as JC Page, a regular-columnist writer for the VioletRay Magazine. She is an avid competitor in Canadian writing competitions: finalizing twice with Wynterblue Publishing Canada’s 73-hour Novella Competition in 2010 and 2012. She has memberships with The Institute of Children’s Literature, SCBWI, and Writer’s Guild of Alberta. Jena Page lives in Edmonton, Canada. Stay Tuned for Book 2 in the Breanne Starling Series: Cleo’s Keeper.


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