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Vicky Milonas A mother of 4 and grandmamma to 7 little ones, Vicky is the light and face of Vicky’s Bistro|WineBar. Emerging from a life that has always revolved around the restaurant, her family grew up around the kitchen, as she and her husband George instilled in their children their natural Greek hospitality. Her dream was always to bake and cook… she would talk all the time about how her and her daughter should put their discoveries and creations down in a book. She says, “The only time I feel good and whole is when I‘m in my kitchen and cooking. It’s like playing for me! You put me in the kitchen, and I’m in heaven!”


Maria Milonas Tsounis The eldest of Vicky and George’s four children, Maria now has 3 of her own little ones. She has her Bachelor of Science degree with specialization in Psychology and ran her own event planning company for 7 years. Her happiness comes from time spent with her family and friends who are family to her. The dream of writing and publishing a cookbook for her Mamma has been coming to fruition for the past 9 years and the excitement felt to accomplish this for her most beautiful, kind-hearted, inspirational Mumum is literally overwhelming in the best possible way. Maria looks forward to everything that is yet to come. “Now that you have all of the ingredients, don’t forget the most important of all: You’ve got to put love into everything you make.” ~Vicky

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