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According to the author, Canada is far too mime in its presentation of the Canadian story. He’s been known to opine that it’s high time we let go of the hand and the perception that anything related to our dear old Uncle Sam and their story is superior. It is time to stand apart, to venture on our own, especially in the arts and where commercially viable. While it’s very nice to have our large and prosperous friend to the south, it’s high time we moved out from that shadow into our own sunshine. Malcolm traces his roots back to Cranbrook, British Columbia, where his immigrant ancestors homesteaded in the late 1800s. Mills Road marks the old ranch location just west of the city. One day he hopes to write a story on the area which attracted his ancestors from the old country in search of gold and free land in British Columbia.


In 2003, Malcolm wrote articles for select trade magazines such as Oceans Resources Magazine, Industrial Distribution, and Progressive Distributor Magazine. I Am Edmonton, in 2015, brought him back to his roots, back to spinning the tales of Canada as they might have been… as they can be imagined, as viewed through the eyes of fictional characters in I Am Edmonton... a true and adventurous environment. At the time of his latest writing, Malcolm lives in Alberta where the writing took place for the book I Am Edmonton.

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