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Olga Dorosh-Lalonde (nee Hryb) was born and grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere, seven miles northwest of Invermay in central Saskatchewan. She was the oldest of four children who were responsible for many chores, farm duties, and just about anything else that had to be done. She learned huge tasks at a young age. Hard work never phased her, and there was very little she didn't challenge. She probably started as a farm hand as soon as she was able to walk. With that kind of start to life, with all the experiences and responsibilities along the way, Olga has lived her life to the fullest and utmost success.


When growing up Olga had one bad strike against her-SHYNESS. It held her back for a while. She knew from past experience she could learn and master any challenge that came her way. She was determined to master this one-no matter what! With some professional help (Dale Carnegie), and a lot of hard work, there is no stopping Olga now.

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