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I learned a long time ago that we accomplish very little all by ourselves. No matter what we undertake to do, we invariably rely on the help of other people, one way or another, somewhere in the process.


Good Night Old Man by George Campbell - In a captivating first person POV, the author tells his story about what it was like to be a Morse Telegraph Operator. Good Night Old Man will take you back in time to discover a medium that has long since declined as a method of everyday communication. Telegraph was the leading edge technology of its time and the precursor to many of our modern communication outlets. From 1844 – 1972, this form of communication was relayed all over the world through the language of Morse and other codes. Although still in use by ham operators and club enthusiasts, few landline commercial operators remain who can tell the story of dots and dashes with as much passion and memory as George Campbell. The dream of becoming a commercial Morse operator required not only skill but took a passionate, determined dedication to the learning of Morse code. It took patience and lots of practice to master hearing, typing and translating the messages being received and sent. At 85, George Campbell can still converse in the language he used during the 1940s and ‘50s in a job where he found so much delight – “it did not feel like work.” Step back into a slice Canada’s communication history and share George’s story, Good Night Old Man.

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