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The author grew up in rural Alberta, much of that time on ranches, including the family ranch owned by his father. He left ranching to become a pilot, and then attended university to become a civil engineer. As an engineer, he worked in the construction industry for 38 years on major construction projects all across Canada from the east coast to the west coast, and even the Arctic coast, and also in other countries such as the USA, South America, and China where he lived for three years. Retiring in 2008, he continues to pursue his interests, including aviation, music, doing projects for his daughters and grandchildren and, of course, writing. The author, along with his wife of 44 years, lives in Sherwood Park.


This collection of stories is written from the memories of my family life in rural Alberta, starting shortly before age 6, and ending with the death of my father in 1999. The first of these stories, Living With Grandmother, encompassed the years from age five and a half, through to nine or so, when I lived with my grandmother and aunt while attending the school in grades 1 to 4. Other stories are recollections of parts of my life from that time on, and finishing with The Final Visit, a story about the death of my father in 1999.

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