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The author was born in Edmonton, AB and lived her teenage years on a farm in the small Northern Alberta town of Hondo. She first tried writing a poem for her son’s wedding in 1997. She thought if her dad could write one then she could, too. He wrote a poem about forty years of memories as a Conductor for the N.A.R. (Northern Alberta Railways). Later, living at Hastings Lake, AB, Sharon read about a writers circle and joined the group, later co-founding, with 5 other writing friends, the Writers Foundation of Strathcona County (WFSC).


Sharon has had poems published in the Edmonton Journal produced Country Asides in Alberta, as well as The Pilot in Newfoundland. When the WFSC wrote From a Solitary Drop, her experiences of membership in the group were included. You will also find her poetry in The Writing Prompt Journey ~ The Road to Your Creativity. Two of her poems hang on the walls of the New World Island Academy in Summerford, NL, where she presently resides. Sharon’s poems, “My Dancing Lights” and, three years later, “Laundry,” won 2nd prize in the Women’s Institute poetry contest at their Tri-Annual Convention.Sharon writes from her heart about things that move or inspire her soul. Her book tells about her earliest childhood recollections and life experiences until graduation from high school.

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