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Lisa Anderson looks just like any other hockey or dance mom, but in those fuzzy pink slippers you'll find a spontaneous, mojito-loving world traveling mother of four, just as likely to ramble off a multi-million dollar business plan as recite the capital cities of the world in French. A middle school teacher by training, entrepreneur and farmwife by practice, Lisa defies common stereotypes and instead chooses to embrace life one day at a time. She is happily married to her high school sweetheart, and lives balanced between the city and the country, having as much fun every day as she can. When not writing, she is dreaming about their next big adventure, destination unknown.


Four kids. Five months. Six continents. And a world that went just plain crazy. Share the adventure of 6 Andersons 1 World in our story, "Mom! There's a Lion in the Toilet!". Get your copy by clicking the link below.

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